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Rel 1310: Christian Scriptures: Finding Articles

Resources to help you navigate the library for your Rel 1310 Christian Scriptures course.

Best Databases for Biblical Studies

Database  Indexing Strength Example Jounals Indexed
ATLA Religion database with ATLASerials

Systematic Theology

Biblical Studies

Church History

Journal of Theological Studies

Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Journal of Early Christian Studies

New Testament Abstracts Biblical Studies - New Testament Journal of Biblical Literature
Old Testament Abstracts Biblical Studies - Old Testament Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Religion and Philosophy Collection

Biblical Studies


Systematic Theology

Novum Testamentum


Journal of Empirical Theology

Religious and theological abstracts

Ministry Studies

Biblical Studies

Systematic Theology

Homiletic and Pastoral Review


Harvard Theological Review


ATLA Religion is the oldest and most comprehensive continuous theological database in existence. But it doesn't index all scholarly journals in Biblical studies and religion. Nor does it provide perpetual coverage of all journals it has once picked up.

So it is good to search a range of subject related databases to ensure that you are picking up everything relevant for your research. The table above lists the top databases for Biblical Studies and Religion.

Searching Passages in ATLA

This video covers three different ways to search for scripture citations in the Bible, using Atla’s Scripture Search function, Bible Citation Index, and the Scripture Citation search field.

Effective Searching

When you are using a database, you might want to consider combing keywords with Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT).

AND: retrieves both key terms together. For example: (Thomas Aquinas AND Romans)

OR: retrieves one or the other. If you wanted articles on beatitude or happiness in Thomas Aquinas, you would string your search Thomas Aquinas AND (beatitude OR happiness).

NOT: the word(s) after the NOT won't be in any of the results.  You're tired of looking at articles on virtue in Thomas Aquinas; your search string would would look like this Thomas Aquinas NOT (virtue OR virtue ethics)

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