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HP 5379 (research methods)

Journal Selection

a picture of the JCR homepageOne of your assignments for this course is to identify a journal in your field to evaluate in the context of finding the right journals to publish your work. There are several ways to do this but one of the best tools to use is the database: Journal Citation Report. You can navigate to this database by going to the library's databases a-z list and then searching for "Journal Citation Report" (JCR). This database provides information for journal evaluation using citation data including total cites, impact factor (with and without self-cites), and other measurement tools. You are also able to see what journal might be more suitable for open access publishing. This is an excellent way to find the best journals in your area of research.

Search JCR

JCR can be searched using the known title of a journal, which can be useful for evaluating a journal you saw elsewhere, or it can be browsed by category if you are looking for what journals exists in a particular field. 


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