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Welcome to the Music Research Guide! This guide provides basic information on how to find and access information. You will also find recommendations on the best resources to start your research. Research in this discipline is multidisciplinary and highly creative including scholarship on music history, new music technologies, teaching approaches, and performance practices. Enjoy!


This guide is meant to help you find music in multiple formats and to provide a starting point for your research in the music discipline. Included on these pages you'll also find help with edition definitions, links to music history timelines, etc. If you need additional research support or would like help customizing a library assignment, please feel free to contact us directly.


light bulbThis library guide is part of our “research basics” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to the basics of academic research. The light bulb represents the next level of research skills and includes things like creating a research strategy and evaluating authoritative information. These concepts are conveyed in the classroom as well as through online learning modules, videos, and library guides.

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