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MH 2301 - Christian Spirituality in Health Care

Resources for MH 2301

MeSH - Working With It

MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) is the controlled vocabulary use to most effectively search PubMed and Medline.  It means that all articles that are about tumors are listed under the MeSH term neoplasms.  You'll find articles if you search "tumors," but you'll find all the articles about tumors if you use neplasms.  Using MeSH, you can drill down very specifcally to the few articles and research studies you want.  It will be worth your time to use the tutorial link below to acquaint yourself with MeSH before you search PubMed or Medline.

Integrative Essays????

Some of you may be a little uncertain on what this "integrative essay" format is.  I've gathered some links to useful descriptions and guides from other universities that I hope will help you.

You may have heard the quote "[my job] is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Education is like that.  So, foremost, an integrative essay is not soley your opinion. It should be your educating opinion - recording a process you are going through.  Yet you need to be objective (not pour out your emotions).  

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